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genuine Buddhist items

Finding genuine Buddhist items on eBay

Educate yourselfEducate and familiarise yourself with what makes a real Buddhist relic. Genuine items will all have similar characteristics and be of a reasonable quality. For example, a Buddha amulet, often referred to as a votive amulet is a common item to be reproduced fraudulently due to their relative popularity. These items are made for…

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master rennyo

What was Master Rennyo

Rennyo  Head of Honganji Monastery  Rennyo (1415-1499) was the 8th head of the Honganji monastery during the 1400s and has left a long lasting legacy and imprint within japan’s culture; during the ōnion war, Rennyo caused a great amount of reformation to occur in Jōdo Shinsū by making dissimilar factions become a par of the Hongan-ji…

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